Attractions in London near LHR Airport

Big Ben
Attractions in London near LHR Airport are a quick train ride away and include Big Ben, the most famous and largest clock in the world. The enormous clock frames measure 16 feet long and each numeral stands two feet high. The hour hands measures nine feet in length while the minute hands extend 14 feet. The massive movement components housed within the clock weigh over one ton. At night, internal lights illuminate the clock faces and a light above the clock turns on when parliament holds session. Though many refer to the clock as Big Ben, the moniker really refers to the 13-ton bell in the tower.

Buckingham Palace
Buckingham Palace is one of the most popular attractions in London near LHR Airport. Many flock to the forecourt everyday at 11:30 A.M. for the famous Changing of the Guard. Though the actual residence and administrative headquarters of the Queen, visitors may tour certain staterooms during the summer months.
Guests also have the chance of viewing the special gallery within the palace houses that displays items belonging to the Royal Collection comprised of many arts and treasures. Touring the Royal Mews, guests see the collection of official carriages and vehicles used by the Royal family.

St. James Park
From Buckingham Palace, many enjoy a pleasant stroll through St. James Park. Originally, a royal deer park in the 1500s, the site eventually evolved into a public location. Spanning 83 acres, the site has played the backdrop for a number of Hollywood movies. Paths meander throughout the location and include one that completely encompasses the park lake.

London Eye
For an amazing view of the city, visitors board the London Eye. The gigantic Ferris wheel stands 443 feet tall and the wheel's diameter measures 394 feet. The wheel has 32 completely closed glass capsules capable of holding 25 people each. One entire revolution of the wheel takes 30 minutes and moving so slowly, spectators board with the Eye in motion. The ride offers spectacular views over the city from all angles. Buckingham Palace, the Houses of Parliament, and St. Paul's Cathedral are among the famous landmarks clearly visible from within the capsule.

Westminster Abbey
The famous Westminster Abbey serves as the location for royal coronations and weddings. Guided and self-guided tours take visitors throughout the magnificent Gothic cathedral. Highlights of the tour include the Cloisters, the Nave, Poet's Corner and the Royal Tombs. The facility museum lies in the undercroft and houses a vast collection of treasures and artifacts belonging to monarchs over the centuries. Exhibits include the 15th century helm, shield and sword of Henry V, coronation regalia, and medieval glass.